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For the past 20 years, Luisa Mortola has been working in visual and digital communication, in all sorts of working environments and on many different projects. This is why, today, the capability span is wide and deep at the same time.
With a good balance of technical, marketing, visual and strategic thinking, combined with the ability of working with different people, Mind The UX can help your projects becoming alive or improve the existing one, from the User Experience point of view.

Mind The UX capabilities cover three main areas:

1) Framing the vision

It’s about:
Competitive and Non-competitive analysis
Expert review
User Testing
Requirements Gathering (using workshops or more traditional approaches)
UX Process


2) Creating the experience

– To enhance the brand, in line with the corporate guidelines
– Information Architecture;
– Multichannel User Experience (Desktop, Smartphones, Tablets, Kiosks)
– Responsive Design
– Personas, Scenarios, User Flows, Storyboards,
– Wireframing with annotations (low-fi and/or hi-fi);
– Prototyping (rapid or detailed);
– Graphic Design and Art Direction;


3) Testing & delivering the solution

– Iterations of User Testing and improvements;
– Planning (depending on the project’s needs: short, mid and long term strategy);

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