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Case study 1: related to Framing the vision


Case title: “technical dept needed the intranet, as part of a biggest intranet


A new dept needed a tool for inetrnal comms and engaging people during big changes in tne compsny. Plus a new tool eas about to be biught so we needed to guide the build of that tool by understanding what would have been really useful for the people.
Opportunity to train and check the ux process.


To involve people, make it useful, increment kpis, c
Let people understand that was part of a biggest thing. Time mas also not too much. Also used to train a junior ux practictioner that was actually very very good.
To increase kpi…. Descivere meglio.
Rendere i rsultati usando il piu e da dove e stata presa la fonte, comeoresentation di eewai

Approach and Solution

Approccio fast-pace. Cheap, using what wAs available, not test lab, not external users but colleagues, not glossy protoypes but power poit an firewirks.
Colleghi interni
Coinvolti rapidamente
Io piu umana, empatica, insieme a siqing piu basata sui numeri.
Usato questionari
Iohone con cronometro.
Stick to plan
Numbers driven


Piu trenta percento aumento usage e coinvolgimento, fonte i nostro test
Ovvero kpi raggiunto e superato
Testato il processo, e funziona se fatto bene.

skills involved

Rapid prototyping,rewpquitent gatherin, user testing, usabiy analysid, wureframjng, ….


Okkio a ch ce metto. Ci sono almeno dieci stepd del processo, piu il plan.

summary of the case study
The compsny wanted intranet ralidly
Budget zero
Alto kpi
E intanto training siqing
E testare process.

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